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Interior Designer & Owner

9521B Riverside Pkwy, 225
Tulsa, OK  74137
Cell: 918.260.6928

I will be happy to do as little or as much as the client may want.  I can do an initial road map and do in increments, or complete the entire project.  Client’s can procure their own contractors or I can arrange contractor interview’s for client selection and approval.

Client’s do not have to make their purchases through me, they can procure as they wish and purchase item’s as they wish through me.


  • Residential Remodel Projects
  • Commercial Remodel Projects
  • Residential New Construction Projects
  • Commercial New Construction Projects
  • Residential/Commercial Property Lease or Purchase Evaluation/Consultation
  • Residential/Commercial Property Sale Evaluation/Consultation

Full Line of Services Offered

  • Review and/or preparation of Architectural Documents
  • Space Planning
    • Floor Plans —  As Builts & Construction/Remodel
  • Interior/Exterior Material , Finish and Color Selection Recommendations
    • Paint, Stain, Cabinetry, Countertops, Flooring, etc.
  • Furniture/Furnishing Recommendations
    • Casegoods, Upholstery, Pillow, Bedding, Office, etc.
  • Window Covering Recommendations
    • Drapes, blinds, shades, shutters, drapery hardware (motorized & conventional)
  • Lighting Recommendations
    • Reflected Ceiling Plans, Lighting Fixture Recommendation/Purchase & Repair
  • Fixture Recommendations
    • Recommendations &/or Purchase
  • Hardware Recommendations
    • Interior & Exterior Recommendations &/or Purchase
  • Accessory Recommendations
    • Recommendations for use of existing, additional Recommendations/Purchase

and installation of approved items.

  • Artwork Recommendations
    • Custom Framing & Matting of Existing and New pieces
  • Preparation of preliminary project budget
  • Preparation of Finish Schedules & Specifications
  • Purchase of approved selections
  • Installation of approved selections
  • Monitoring of approved construction & furnishing selections.
  • On Site evaluation of furnishing placement & staging as approved
  • Arrangement for assistance with moving needs. ( Small & Large Scale)
    • Just moving items on property, moving to storage, or moving to another location.